Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are presented for general guidance only. They do not provide specific advice and may not be relied upon as a defense to a Notice of Violation. For further information, you may contact the Orange County Office of Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission at 714-645-3844.

  1. The Commission would not investigate such a complaint as the jurisdiction of the Commission is limited to alleged violations of the County Campaign Reform Ordinance, the Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Ordinance, the Gift Ban Ordinance and Sections 6 and 9 of the Code of Ethics, however;
  2. The County does have a 24 hour Fraud Hotline. For more information please go to:

  1. Do not use the gift.
  2. Immediately contact County Counsel or the Office of Campaign Finance and Ethics Commission to be instructed on how to properly document and return or donate the gift.
  3. If you wait more than 30 days after the receipt of the gift to donate or return the gift you could be deemed to have accepted the gift.

  1. You have two obligations after discovery of a campaign donation in excess of the limits imposed by the Orange County Campaign Reform Ordinance.
  2. Under section 1-6-28 a return of the excessive contribution to the contributor must be issued within 7 days of discovery and written notification showing the donor’s name, the amount returned and the date of the return shall be provided to the Registrar of Voters within 72 hours after the return.

  1. Any person may request the Executive Director to provide advice with respect to the requesting party’s duties under this article. The Executive Director shall, within 14 days, either issue the advice or inform the requesting party whether advice will be issued.
  2. No person who acts in good faith in accordance with advice issued to him or her by the Executive Director shall be subject to civil penalties under this article for so acting, provided that the material facts are as stated in the advice request. The Executive Director’s advice shall be public record and may from time to time be published.